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The essence of pure water

Explore the vital importance of water, the challenges of its quality, and how AQUALUX is committed to ensuring purity and sustainability in every drop.

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Water, the vital essence

Water, the vital essence, nourishes and supports every aspect of our existence. Essential for all forms of life, it plays a crucial role in our health. Here, we delve into its extraordinary importance and the vital functions it performs.

Our body is composed of about 70% water. It regulates temperature, supports digestion, transports nutrients to cells, eliminates toxins, and lubricates joints. Without adequate intake, the body's vital functions are compromised.


The Truth About Pure Water

Although tap water is often considered safe, it can present quality challenges. Drinking water does not necessarily mean 'optimal for health,' but rather 'water whose pollutants are within the limits set by law.' Contaminants, limescale, heavy metals, and chemicals can have long-term effects on health. Boiling only serves to further concentrate these substances. Its use in cooking introduces these pollutants into our food.


Boiling is a simple but revealing method for evaluating the purity of water. By comparing three saucepans on the stove - one with tap water, one with microfiltered water and one with water purified through reverse osmosis - the results will be surprising after just a few minutes.


Do you notice the difference?

Reverse Osmosis

Pure water, obtained through reverse osmosis, not only protects our health, but also improves the flavor and aroma of dishes. Whether cooking or making a simple herbal tea, pure water enhances the taste and aroma, providing a superior and healthier dining experience.

The impact of bottled water

Plastic bottles are not eco-friendly, contributing to pollution and plastic waste. Bottled water can also absorb substances from plastic over time, which are potentially harmful to your health.

The Aqualux solution

Our water purifiers offer:


Pure water straight from your tap

Our water purifiers transform tap water into crystal clear and pure water, ensuring the highest quality in every drop.

Significant waste reduction

Choosing AQUALUX is an eco-responsible choice. Our water purifiers reduce the need for bottled water, significantly contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and lowering the ecological footprint.

Unparalleled convenience: no more bottles

With AQUALUX, you have unlimited access to pure water right in the comfort of your home, freeing up space and ensuring a more orderly and functional environment.

Join us

Promote high-quality water, health, and sustainability. With AQUALUX, ensure a healthier future and a cleaner environment.

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